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At Amber, we strive to empower businesses by delivering high impact solutions to ensure that our customers fulfill their promises and create future-ready business models and products.

We excel in our industry so that you can get in yours.

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  • We use our experience and link it to your research to help the idea evolve.
  • We help you take this idea to the next level with our innovative technologies.
  • We help you choose the right tech stack and the right processes to get there.
  • We help you create the ideal MVP to arrive at that next round.
  • By leveraging our technological frameworks, we provide the perfect solution to your price.
  • Once your application is ready to penetrate the market, our advertising and marketing teams help you win traffic and online popularity.
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Design driven

We aim to design solutions in human centric approach where we focus on usage patterns, human behaviours and change adoption. Any design has to be initutive, friendly and "poka yoke" driven. We have quickly learned, in our short history of operations, that design dilligence is fundamental to any buinesss problem - if critcal requirementa and needs are not recognised while designing, no amount of cofiguration and customisation can provide sustaibailiy & realibility.

Ecosystem Aware

We always want to design and develop solutions which are ecosystem aware - both upstream and downsteram. With ever-evolving technoly landscape, technology gets siloed and obsolete. The solution must be organic to its ecosystem and should cause minimal disruption during adoption.

Customer centric

Understanding what promises have to be kept is very important. We cannot deliver high impact solutions unless we understand underlying business dynamics and undercurrents. Technology must manifest what businesses and our customers intend to achieve.


If it's not secure, it'll not be used. Data privacy, cybersecurity and data integrity are our linchpins. Different businesses have different needs but we strongly believe that underlying of data and security principles are vital to most even if these needs aren't explicit.

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