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Best In Class cloud based Sales and Purchase Management Software - Aware

Simple and easy-to-use platform to manage your orders, invoices and payments.

Aware is a simple, yet powerful order-management software. Offering seamless management of orders, stock, customers, purchases, finances, and your team.

It is cloud system for small business (10-200 employees). It's centred around an organization performance and productivity metrics. Along with operating performance, it can be integrated with other systems (through APIs) to provide a holistic organization managemnet ERP system.

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Sales and Purchase Management Software with GST Invoicing

Aware has been designed for both, simplicity and power.

It is designed as a simple and user-friendly order management software, so all types of users can use it easily and with minimum effort. Aware is a feature packed software that has almost every feature you are looking for. And the added advantage of this accounting software is its flexibility. It can be customized easily to fit the requirements of your business.

Billing & Invoicing
Payment Tracking
Reminders & Notifications
Customer Management
Multi branch Support

Features Overview

GST Invoices

This software helps you generate GST invoices with all the accurate fields for claiming tax credit.

GST Invoices
Inventory Management


A well-managed inventory helps improve cash flow, optimize operations, and leads to higher efficiency of an organization. Manage stock, get alerts for lower inventory levels, view location wise stock, view purchase requirements, and more.

Improve Cash Flow
Optimize Operations
Manage Stock
Analyse Purchase Requirements

Payment Tracking

Smart businesses manage their payments smartly. Aware software assists you in such tasks. It streamlines the preparation and recording of quotes, estimates, invoices, & orders. It stores data in a central database which is accessible from anywhere & at any time.

Payment Tracking
Analytical Dashboards

Analytical Dashboards

A visual representation of your organizations's key performance indicators (KPIs). Using data, dashboard visuals provide charts and graphs to give an at-a-glance vision of your organizations's performance.

Automated Reports

Get automated reports right into your inbox. Get real-time information of your overdue invoices, supplier payments, items with low stock and alike.

 Automated Reports
Analytical Dashboards

360 view of your business

No more hassles of maintaining data on spreadsheets. Our cloud based software gives you seamless access of data and reports - anytime, anywhere.

Prompt Deliveries

This software optimizes processes all the way from quotation right down to delivery. That in turn enhances customer satisfaction, shortens lead times and helps ship things promptly.

Delivery Challans

How to Evaluate "Aware"?

Review and Analyze Free Trial Software

Choosing software can be overwhelming. There is such a large variety of software available that it’s hard to know where to start. Using a software trial will provide first-hand access to get familiar with its features, experience its convenience.

Customize for your business needs

Bespoke software or tailor-made software, typically involves the elements to be developed with specific objectives in mind. It helps organizations improve efficiency, productivity, consumer relations, and ultimately increase revenue.

Deploy - On Cloud or In-House

Cloud deployment offers great choice in choosing the management required and level of security, and hence is suitable for almost any business. On-premise software - can be installed on a company’s own servers offering a level of control & security.

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