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Our Expertise. An amazing piece of technology that just works!

Established 2018 in Amber Infotech has been offering world-class information technology.

We are a nimble and dynamic technlogy venture. We believe that our customers should be able to dream impossibilities while leaving possibilities to us.

  • 2018

    We started our operations in 2018 and started pushing our envelope to expand fast and make our mark on the technology landscape.

    We started out of an upcoming tech capital in Northern part of India.

    Got the oars in the water and started rowing.

    Our aim was to design solutions in human centric approach where we focus on usage patterns, human behaviours and change adoption.
    We quickly learned, in our short history of operations, that design dilligence is fundamental to any buinesss problem.

  • 2019

    Startups are tough - pitches, iterations, competition

    "In addition to creating awesome apps our mission statement included something about making enough cash so we don't have to move back in with our parents :)"

    It was time to deliver high impact solutions and understanding that promises have to be kept. Our customers became the guiding direction for our small small business.

    We knew that solving for customer needs and exceeding expectations was the only the way to drive healthy business growth and foster good relationships with the people our company served.

  • 2020

    Redefining our processes.

    Software Processes are Important!

    The software development process provides guidelines to achieve management control. The success or the failure of the project entirely depends on the software development process.

    To achieve this, we finalized software processes in our ecosystem that helped the development team get a completed guideline on how the project will be developed and what will be the essential factors in the project.

  • 2021

    Building software products

    Intuitive UI + Interactivity + Minimalistic aesthetics = Great Product

    Leveraging our experience & technology frameworks, we decided to create and deliver the hight-impact packaged tools for businesses at affordable costs.

    A solid understanding of business processes coupled with an extreme emphasis on User Experience, helped us create software products that empowered their workforce and increased profits.

  • 2022

    Many of our clients, some well known and others start-ups, both, are leveraging our solutions to view, track and improve their key metrics (Workforce productivity/utlisation, performance etc. ).

    Our clients are expecting nearly 30% better utlisation of worforce and 10% increase in profits.

    We continue delivering the perfect solutions matching customer expectations.

    4 years out… having made almost half-a-decade of changes.

    We still live by our tagline "Simply life".We believe that the utmost complex problem must have simple & beautiful solution and if the solution is not simple, then it's not optimal.

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